Temperature Indicating Material


This Thermo Tape uses liquid crystal to indicate the temperature in green figures.
Indoor Use only.


Number Temp. Range oC Temp. Pitch Accuracy
D-M-20 -20 - 0 2oC +/- 1.0 oC
D-M-6 -6 - 14 +/- 0.5 oC
D-06 6 - 34
D-16 16 - 36
D-38 38 - 58
D-50 50 - 100 5oC +/- 2.0oC
Tape size 10 x 92 mm, 6 pcs/sheet x 5 sheets

*Application : For checking the present temperature of freezers and refrigerators, room temperature, water temperature, body temperature, food, dies, etc. Also for checking heat generation of electric power equipment, mechanical equipment, medical apparatus, etc.

Precautions :

Data for Reference only
1. Heat resistance D-M20 to D-50 60 ºC x 1,000 hours (heated continuously at 60 ºC)
D-50 120 ºC x 10 hours (heated continuously at 120 ºC)
110 ºC x 30 hours (heated continuously at 110 ºC)
100 ºC x 60 hours (heated continuously at 100 ºC)
2. Water resistance 3 hours (submerged in water)
3. Weather resistance Hastening weather resistance test with weather meter
D-M20 : 50 hours D-M6 : 20 hours
D-06 : 20 hours D-16 20 hours
D-38 : 50 hours D-50 : 50 hours
4. Humidity resistance No irregularity at 70% RH or lower.
Optional laminated process with the humidity penetration-proof film
will improve the water, heat and weather resistance.
5. Response time Within 1 sec.

For easy checking of the temperature of everyday items. Indoor Use Only

- The color appears below a specific temperature and disappears above that temperature. Printing on the base also appears or disappears.

Color Change Temp
From -20oC to 50 oC at 5oC intervals
Color disappearing type Orange, pink, red, violet, deep blue, cobalt blue, greenish blue, green, brown or black will change to white.
Color appearing type Red to Yellow
Black to Red
Violet to Pink
Accuracy +/-2oC
Light Resistance Care is required when using this temperature indicating material due to a deficiency in light resistance.
Heat resistance 80 oC

Application :
Labels (for indicating suitable temperature for drinking or eating), medical treatment, clothing, china, glass, towels, telephone cards, advertisements, etc.